In-demand IT jobs skills include programming, big data and the cloud

April 23, 2014

Workers in IT jobs know how important the right IT skills can be for their resumes. Listing an ability with growing interest from companies can mean an almost-instant interview, while outdated technology becomes notable for a number of reasons. New skills ebb and flow throughout the market almost nonstop, and some are more valuable than others when it comes to improving marketability for workers.

According to Forbes, about 32 percent of all companies plan to add new workers to their IT departments, but specific skills are gaining more sway than others. One of the premier examples is that of software programming and the development of applications. Being able to use both of these skills will be huge because many businesses are expected to transition from outsourcing trends to hiring programmers inside the company again.

Data analytics information is also important, as it allows business leaders to know what effects are and aren't strong in the current market. Knowing how to work with big data platforms and NoSQL databases will help IT workers gain stronger reputations from their work without needing to worry about other pressing skills.

Business intelligence skills are also pressing as many companies want to know their workers are able and ready to take on different challenges with the goodwill of the company in mind. As more businesses look to the cloud as their best strategies, knowing how to turn tech skills into real-life results will be a huge boost for their resumes and reputations alike.

Cloud computing skills heavily needed
The Wall Street Journal added that having skills in growing technologies can heavily help a number of workers. One example is that of Open Stack. One developer who put the cloud computing-based skill on his LinkedIn page now receives as many as four headhunting calls every day. A number of companies want to use open source cloud skills like this one to improve their long-term practices because they're cheaper and more reliable than the cloud. They can also protect data more easiluy, as well as improve capacity to support researchers' computing needs.

Simple IT support is always needed, Forbes added. IT companies are always looking for workers with skills in the current market. Being able to use new technology correctly is important because many new technologies are very complex, and problem-solving skills in the current day will help workers better understand these technologies faster and more effectively.