Improving job market means a change in staffing agency hiring practices

September 10, 2014

It's been an employer's market for the past several years but as unemployment falls, hiring agents may have to resort to the age-old practice of recruiting or seek new alternatives to attract the best candidates. An Entrepreneur article recently detailed how the rebounding jobs market could affect the ways staffing agencies and hiring managers will have to approach future job openings.

Best skills don't make the best workers
Just because a potential candidate has the best skills doesn't translate into them being the best workers. Recruiters are an IT company's biggest asset in determining whether a job seeker can adapt to the culture of the business. This personalized touch, Entrepreneur said, has been proven to reduce turnover. That from research  by Profiles International. Matching candidates with the company culture can cut down on the cost of hiring and bring fewer headaches to the teams already in place within the business.

Proactivity nets results
Being proactive in a market that is geared toward job seekers is vital to getting the best candidate. The Entrepreneur article suggested that employers get out to college campuses and career days. Undergrads and seniors are likely to have performed at internship levels and bring a degree of experience that could be very beneficial. Being proactive can put a company in a much better position than their competitors, said the story.

Contract work and freelancing
The Internet is a great way for employers to hire workers outside of the traditional employment paradigm. Because employers can contact freelance workers online, the demand for full time work is decreasing. That's because businesses can find workers willing to do contract jobs or fill a temporary need with very little trouble. Finding specialists to do these types of tasks brings the company experienced workers without the long term, full time expenses.

Maintaining flexibility
One thing a job seeker's market does is keep hiring concerns flexible . In an employer's market, hiring agencies can eliminate candidates for short-term gaps in employment or other reasons after reading a resume or CV. In a job searcher's market, staffing agency and hiring managers must look further into a candidate's qualifications. Only receiving a few applications instead of hundreds makes a hiring agent think outside the box to find intrinsic qualities they may not have looked for when the market was turned the other way.

As the unemployment trend slowly continues its reversal, hiring managers and staffing personnel will change with the market to continue to fill the needs of their clients and match the right people with the right jobs.