Hybird Cloud Computing on the Rise

December 17, 2012

Cloud computing has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and the cloud market is expected to grow even more in 2013. In a recent blog for SAP.com, Jen Crompton, president of Something Creative, wrote that cloud-based solutions "will become a necessity, not an option" for companies.

At the same time, Crompton suggested the ongoing battle among public, private and hybrid cloud computing will continue. She thinks many companies will adopt hybrid strategies as an alternative to replacing their on-premise solutions entirely.

"As more enterprises look to move their legacy applications to the cloud, they will find a hybrid cloud to be the most suitable," said Simon Aspinall, chief marketing and strategy officer at Virtustream. "It [the solution] will combine the scalability and savings of a public cloud with the security of a private cloud for compliance requirements and enable isolation of sensitive data."

Hybrid cloud predictions
According to a recent Network World report, 2013 could be the year the hybrid cloud computing market explodes. Tracy Corbo, principal research analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, told the news source that in particular, the hybrid cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service sector is going to take off.

The news source made several other projections for 2013, including:

– Hybrid cloud management will become an important aspect of IT infrastructure support. As a result, tech departments will need to add more IT jobs to manage hybrid cloud infrastructures.

– Big data analytics will surge in popularity, allowing company leaders to take advantage of the vast amounts of data produced by some cloud-based programs. 

– Hybrid cloud data security options will increase in 2013. Because hybrid cloud strategies leave companies vulnerable to both on-premise and web-based cyber threats, there is a growing need for security solutions to tackle these issues.