How mobile optimization is changing the face of hiring

August 14, 2014

Hits on job sites are increasingly coming from mobile phones, according to a Crain's Cleveland Business report. A Linkedin survey found Smart phone and tablet visits accounted for more than 70 percent of recent job searches . Stunningly, though, only 13 percent of 3,000 companies surveyed were invested in mobile-optimization.

Businesses must upgrade their mobile capabilities
In order to maximize the talent pool, staffing agencies and recruiters need to enhance their website's compatibility with mobile devices. Mobile optimization condenses website content to fit tablet and mobile phone screens. According to a recent Google study quoted by Crain's , 60 percent of web users will not return to a site will not return to a site with sub par mobile optimization. Upgrading to a mobile solution could actually drive traffic to the site.  Job seekers can then look to see how easy it is to search and apply to jobs they like . Creating a mobile career site can streamline the application process for the candidate and keep them coming back.

Optimize quickly
For companies that haven't come up with a mobile solution, the Google report, suggested making the move soon. By 2020, the projected work force will be comprised of mostly millennials, the study showed. This generation of workers are native to mobile technology and are markedly different in their needs than any other generation in American history. If companies don't deploy mobile solutions they will not be as likely to find top talent, and that decline will be precipitous.

Making the adjustments
The Linkedin report has some tips for those considering applying mobile solutions to their current business model. Although the targeted website may be top-notch and easy to work with, if a mobile platform has not been engaged, searchers will find a slow and sometimes inoperable option from their smart phones. This disparity generally turns searchers off with many never returning to the site again. Discovering through site data research what candidates are looking and applying for should enable a company to determine how to out together a mobile solution for their website. This can appease job seekers who are knowledgeable about mobile technology and expect to use it.

Developing a strategy for mobile optimization sooner rather than later will bring a staffing agency or recruiting firm to the cutting-edge of driving traffic to the site and streamlining the job search process for countless numbers of a new, savvy and discerning generation of job seekers.