How IT can attract Millennial job seekers

October 8, 2014

Millennials, or Gen Y as they are sometimes called are entering the workforce in numbers not seen since the Baby Boomers. While they don't totally dominate the workforce just yet, Millennials will soon comprise the majority of the workforce and forward-looking companies are going to want to make sure they do everything possible to capture the best and brightest members of this generation.

But as many companies, particularly those in the tech world are finding out that Millennials have very clear expectations for their workplace, and they don't seem like they want to compromise very much.

Millennials in IT
IT and tech in general has faced and overcome several cultural and technological disruptions and upheavals. Positioning a company to appeal to the new generation of workers will be one such challenge.

Network Computing reported that one example of friction between young employees and business is due to the fact that many Millennials expect to have the ability to work from anywhere, often on their own devices. Workers used to be content with the equipment provided to them by the company, but young workers are used to having fast and responsive devices that they are familiar with. To the experienced IT worker, the obvious problem with this is security. The company has no way of ensuring that critical data is secure on a device that doesn't fall under the purview of the company's authority.

The productivity gains that can come from employees that are empowered to work remotely can be great, but as Network Computing wrote, companies and Millennial employees need to have a dialog about how this can be achieved without sacrificing security.

Appealing to Millennials
If Millennials feel like a company is rigid and set in its ways, they will be unlikely to want to work there. Forbes recommends working toward building a Millennial-friendly brand – one that shows a company is fluid, agile and accommodating to new best practices that suit the preferences of its team.

Businesses seeking more Millennial employees should take extra measures to be personal with their workers. Forbes said Millennials appreciate management that keeps in touch. Thus, companies that communicate well and respect their employees' preferences and desires for how they're allowed to work are sure to win the battle of bringing on top-shelf young talent.