Healthcare Reform Could Produce IT Jobs

November 29, 2012

The high-tech sector has grown at a steady pace this year. More than 12,000 IT jobs were added in October, according to CIO Magazine, and recent surveys revealed that IT professionals are more confident than employees in any other American profession.

At the same time, the sector could receive another boost from the Affordable Care Act, which will go into full effect in 2014. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that more than 750,000 computer and IT jobs will be added from 2010 to 2020, while the overall number of healthcare employees will increased 5.7 percent during that same time period.

Among the positions expected to be created will be data entry workers, computer programmers to develop the online insurance market and employees to manage the electronic health record system. These web-based insurance exchanges are also scheduled to be implemented in 2014, according to Bloomberg.

“The second these exchanges go up, they are going to need to hire,” Les Funtleyder, president of New York-based insurance firm Poliwogg, recently told Bloomberg Businessweek. “This could create a ton of jobs.”

According to the news source, a number of jobs may open up at insurance data and call centers as well.