Growing Skills Gap Threatens Americans’ Ability to fill IT Jobs

March 20, 2013

IT jobs are in plentiful supply in the United States, but finding qualified professionals to fill them is another matter. Research shows that the "skills gap" still exists, both in America and elsewhere around the world, and it's a serious problem for the growth of the IT industry.

According to a CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 28 percent of American companies report having open positions that they're unable to fill. That same survey found IT to be the hardest sector for filling openings, ahead of sales and engineering. Managers reported a variety of difficulties that came along with unfilled jobs, including productivity loss, revenue loss and inability to grow a business.

"The inability to fill high skill jobs can have an adverse ripple effect, hindering the creation of lower-skilled positions, company performance and economic expansion," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.

One reason for Americans' lag in tech skills is education. According to US News, the nation ranked 27th in the world in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as of 2010.

The skills gap is a growing problem in America today, and the only solution is to address it early by better educating students for the IT jobs of the future.