Gauging the freelance market in the tech industry

May 6, 2015

As more enterprises transition to the cloud with collaborative workflow tools, freelance job opportunities are on the rise.There are enough advantages in full-time work to dissuade any tech professional from considering the freelance market. A steady salary is always nice. The same can be said for insurance packages, benefits like paid time off and the undeniable comfort of job security.

However, the recent economic upswing has created a strong hiring market for freelance work in the tech industry. Businesses can often devote fewer resources to contracted professionals and still get the same end result. And as more enterprises transition to the cloud with collaborative workflow tools, freelance job opportunities are on the rise.

Tech companies depend more on freelancers
Independent tech consulting offers an array of benefits, such as flexible work hours and the potential for greater availability. Alan Levine, a principal and chief information officer for Enabling Digital, told that the path works best only for tech professionals who can endure changes in their working environment. They should also be aware of the potential drawbacks, most of which are connected to project control.

“As a consultant, you may be making recommendations and developing strategy and plans, but not be the final decision maker,” Levine told the news outlet. “You may have less influence over the actual implementation. Focus may be on short-term deliverables and even if these deliverables involve long-term strategy and plans, you may not have the opportunity to see those plans through.

However, if you can make the necessary sacrifices that are required to adapt to different teams, freelance tech work could be a fruitful approach to the industry.

Independent tech workers make the schedule work
The constant change of freelance work can present both advantages and challenges for tech professionals. Robert Wooldridge lost his six-figure tech job with a healthcare company, and has since done well for himself as an independent IT manager in the greater Washington D.C. area, according to The Washington Post. That said, he told the publication that organization can be an issue.

While schedule maintenance is a clear priority for freelance workers, Stephen DeWitt, a chief executive with Work Market, spoke about the value of personal identity in the job market, according to The Post.

“The world that we see is that everyone is part of a ‘work market,'” DeWitt told the publication. “Everybody has a persona. So that persona needs to be visible by an enterprise that wants that persona.”