For HR Departments, Chatbots Play Valuable Time Management Role

July 24, 2017

The Human Resources Industry is known to be one of the toughest and most manual jobs in organizations however, Chatbots are making a play to become important tools in reducing the burden of both HR and management who interface with them on a regular basis.

By its very nature and name, Human Resources epitomizes the idea of person-to-person interaction – but many daily tasks within the department equate to mounds of paperwork and filing headaches.

chatbots“When you are dealing with each employee’s workplace needs and their personal information, it becomes very time consuming to complete, maintain and file proper documentation and respond in a time frame appropriate for our customer service standards,” said Ryan Duckwitz, HR Director at Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS). “So when we can find solutions that don’t degrade the HR experience, but lightens the workload, it allows us to focus on vital business needs.”

One area where Chatbots are making a positive difference in HR departments is their assistance with data gathering for annual employee evaluations and reviews.

Currently, performance management systems used for employee reviews for many organizations are tedious amounts of paperwork, consisting of the employee’s feedback, the manager’s evaluation and then finally, its delivery to HR for appropriate action or filing. When considering the specific return on investment (ROI) associated with this process, hundreds – even thousands of man hours go into something that some argue has little direct bearing on the bottom line of an organization.

According to Chatbot Magazine, 58 percent of business and HR leaders say the performance management solutions most commonly used, are ineffective, drive few results, and results in a substantial amount of lost time in productivity. This process, which takes an average of three (3) months of time, has found chatbots can facilitate real-time feedback collection from employees. The conversational interface of the bot can easily set an employee’s mind at ease and gather information in a transparent and secure way.

“Studies have shown employees are very much at ease when submitting their feedback through a chatbot interface,” said DISYS Director of Process Automation Design Naveen Vijay. “It has been proven as an effective way to ensure maximum participation and an improved level of candor.”

Once the employee finishes giving the bot the necessary information, this info is then shared in a digestible way to all other necessary parties.

“The advancement in natural language processing technology, along with sentiment analysis lets managers find easy-to-miss, hidden patterns inside the performance review data,” Vijay said. “This leads to better workforce management and a more productive process.”

And while chatbot efficiencies within the employee review process will continue to develop over time, recruitment has seen increased efficiencies at a compounded level. In-tool recruitment communication systems currently used for recruiter to recruiter interaction are incorporating artificial intelligence-laced chatbots to allow for enhanced language processing – which allow for lifelike, intelligent conversations; delivering spontaneous, relevant responses to candidates with precision.

For the vertical market of talent acquisition, Artificial Intelligence and natural language understanding revolves around conversational input by possible candidates and generates real-time, relatable content associated with questions.

“These functions don’t eliminate the need for recruiters,” Vijay said. “It simply allows the recruiter to focus on the drill-down specifics to move a candidate forward – it removes the initial steps.”

These steps include having the bot gauge interest into a position, salary requirements, answer simple follow-up questions and also education requirements. This early Chatbot query with a potential candidate removes the requirements gathering and allows a recruiter to get down to business with qualified candidates.

“Chatbot use within recruiting is an invaluable time saver and reliable pre-screen set,” Vijay said. “Also, companies who are relying heavily on Chatbots for prescreening are finding a client-interaction rate of up to 75% — up from a normal rate of 35%.”

Within HR, Chatbots are also finding prominence in managing expenses and payroll, management of the onboarding and exiting processes and also general queries that come in daily about simple benefits questions or sign up options. “Within HR departments, Chatbots have proven to be valuable tools to help curate culture and employee satisfaction within an organization,” Duckwitz said. “And by freeing up valuable time within HR, more specific attention can be given to enriching the employee experience.”

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