Enterprises Moving Essential Applications to the Cloud

December 13, 2012

"We're seeing all this innovation," Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, recently told ReadWriteCloud. "There's more opportunity than ever before. We're going to see, over the next decade, a huge changing of IT architecture."

A recent SailPoint survey of 400 IT and business decision-makers found that approximately one-third of mission critical applications are based in the cloud – a number that is expected to jump to 50 percent by 2015. These apps include functions like data storage, file sharing and employee management and communications.

Levie told ReadWriteCloud that on-premise infrastructures could be on the decline, as enterprise IT departments are shifting more technology to the cloud. He said that based on his contact with CIOs, many of them seem to be focusing on developing a "new cloud architecture" for their organizations.

Small businesses and upstarts will likely be responsible for a large portion of this shift, as cloud computing offers them a variety of technological capabilities at a lower cost than on-premise solutions.