Enterprise Mobile Solutions could Explode in 2013

January 7, 2013

Full-scale bring your own device (BYOD) has already reached the workplace, and company and IT leaders are now forced to play catch-up. As a result, the enterprise mobile solutions market could see a major growth spurt in 2013, according to a recent RCR Wireless News report.

"The space around enterprise apps and mobility is only just beginning to wake up," Genband CFO Daryl Raiford told the news source. "It is still small and ready to take off."

Many organizations have already noticed the benefits of providing consumer-based applications, as a recent Antenna Software study revealed that 43 percent of companies have deployed native apps for customers. Enterprise mobile solutions have been far slower to take off, however, but that may be changing because of the rise of BYOD.

Rajeev Chand, managing director and head of research at Rutberg & Company, told the news source that right now, mobile solutions for the enterprise "are where consumer apps were three or four years ago." 

"The consumer mobile market took off, driven by the iPhone and the app store, and now you are starting to see enterprise grow significantly," Chand said.

Managing BYOD effectively
Although BYOD has proven to be extremely beneficial to many companies, like any new technology trend, it comes with its share of warts. At the moment, data security is arguably the biggest. According to the Antenna Software report, nearly two-thirds of IT and business decision-makers said they do not have full control of their companies' mobile projects, with 21 percent claiming they have little to no control.

In response, many companies are adopting mobile solutions like mobile device management (MDM) to mitigate the risks of BYOD. A recent InformationWeek report predicted that MDM implementation will explode in 2013. At the same time, the sector will continue to evolve – mobile application and mobile enterprise management are emerging – to adapt to the new challenges presented by BYOD.

However, organizations shouldn't leave everything to MDM and security software vendors. Another strategy that could lead to safer BYOD is developing company-owned mobile solutions that employees are required to use – preferably ones that are easy and resemble programs used in the office.

A recent SD Times column suggested that the simpler an enterprise makes a mobile app, the more effective it is likely to be. The reason, according to the source, is that easy-to-use programs make for a better user experience, which means employees are more likely to use them.