Don’t fear automation, embrace it to achieve efficiencies, even professional growth

February 28, 2018

DISYS talks healthcare automation in new article published by MedCity News

Healthcare has been fortunate to see a large surge in job creation over the last several years — with recent reports showing one in 10 Americans works within the industry in some capacity. Also, as in nearly all other industries, automation is increasingly playing a role in redefining the way things get done — and its impact on those the health industry employs.

The healthcare automation market was valued at more than $30 billion in 2016, with an estimated growth of 8 percent year over year. But in 2017, the market grew exponentially and is now estimated to reach a growth rate of 10 percent or higher through the year 2025.

Healthcare’s focus on automation is clearly evident with the rollout of new medical devices and self-serve patient interactions brought about with the rise of IoT. Meanwhile, back-office automation trends are gaining efficiencies in employee time management and optimal utilization of a healthcare employee’s skill set.

Most visibly, this is happening through automating repeatable, labor-intensive IT processes, currently performed by employees whose talent could be used elsewhere — for more strategic work. …

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