DISYS to unveil Sirro 3.0 at AWS re:invent conference

November 5, 2014

Enterprises of all sizes and in nearly every industry are starting to recognize the benefits of cloud computing as a means of improving organizational efficiency and productivity for employees and management alike. Accordingly, the market for cloud services has grown, and some estimates suggest it could grow at a rate of 22.8 percent per year over the next 4 years. The cloud is becoming an integral part of the business landscape.

That's why DISYS is proud to announce the release of the newest version of Sirro, its flagship cloud management system at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:invent conference taking place from November 11-14.

What does Sirro offer enterprise?
Sirro is a cloud enablement and management application that allows for a speedy and seamless integration between the cloud and the customers, allowing managers to enable their solutions and realize their cloud goals as quickly and painlessly as possible.

One way Sirro can achieve this is by offering ready-made templates to describe the resources and parameters that will accompany an enterprise's cloud deployment. Once deployed, a manager can alter the template to his or her liking allowing for customization.

The cloud isn't all about ease of use and cost savings, however. Adopters of the technology want to know that their sensitive data and information is secure. Sirro is built on the AWS foundation. Having been set on Amazon's sturdy foundation, Sirro has the backing of a tech giant that was one of the first to market in the cloud service space. Amazon's experience operating large-scale data centers means that Sirro is supported by industry-leading infrastructure.

Enter Sirro 3.0
Attendees of the re:invent conference will learn that Sirro 3.0 will carry some major updates to our product. Here are a few of the many upgrades we've made to Sirro since the last release.

CloudTrail Integration – For ensuring the activity tracking of every single API call made in the AWS, Sirro now offers Slice & Dice using Services, IP, AWS Region, User, Success and failed queries.

CloudWatch Integration – The key metrics of the EC2 instances' health two statistics will be shown right in Sirro, enabling a historic view with data availability of more than two weeks.

Task Scheduler – Automate tasks like snapshot creation/deletion, copy snapshots, create/copy AMIs with Sirro scheduled tasks coupled with chronological scheduling.