DISYS Takes Gold at 2014 MarCom Awards

December 3, 2014

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), a leading global technology services firm, announces today that its “We Accelerate Productivity” campaign was named a Gold winner in the 2014 MarCom Awards in the Branding Refresh category.

Accompanied by the title, “Driving Innovation through Value-Added Service and Anticipating Market Need,” DISYS’ “We Accelerate Productivity” campaign was particularly focused on the company’s commitment to meet the shift of current and future market needs and demands towards faster time-to-market solutions that do not compromise quality. The campaign showcases the company’s overall offerings and drive to deliver greater value and expertise as it continues to differentiate itself and stand above the crowd of traditional IT staffing firms. Throughout the course of the campaign, DISYS remained committed to providing a host of key, results-driven benefits, all under one roof for maximum value and overall client service experience. Much of the campaign was also set to highlight “DISYS Accelerators” that showcase the specific service components used to deliver the rich experience and top project results.

“This year’s MarCom win marks our third recognition by this esteemed international award program,” DISYS’ Executive Director of Strategy, Programs and Planning, Lily Yeh said. “The goal of the Marketing campaign over the past year has been to communicate and raise awareness for the breadth of expertise our global team possesses. The “We Accelerate Productivity” campaign was developed to truly communicate to our clients and the marketplace, our ability to adapt and anticipate market needs as well as our ability to deliver high-quality, big picture result-driven, cost-effective, and tailored innovative solutions. We are honored by this win and our Gold recognition serves as affirmation from the larger marketing and communication industry as to the power and impact of our branding and messaging initiatives.”

The international awards competition recognizes top achievements in more than 200 categories across the marketing and communications industry, and competition this year continued to be steep. DISYS’ latest nomination builds on last year’s comprehensive conversion and re-design of its corporate website that earned it a Platinum honor at last year’s awards ceremony.