DISYS Doubles Down on Commitment to Innovative Automation With Launch of The Automation Center of Excellence (ACE)

October 12, 2016

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) is reinforcing its commitment to helping clients Accelerate Productivity with its expanded, reimagined Automation Center of Excellence (ACE).

The Automation Center of Excellence is a development and services hub creating custom client solutions around Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Scripting & Automation Testing best practices. ACE’s core purpose is to help clients reduce cost while increasing productivity and reaching key business goals in a more efficient, timely manner. ACE is home to Automation experts and industry thought leaders who are committed to reinventing the way businesses perform daily tasks.

“DISYS has worked in the automation space for many years in one form or another, so the benefits of deploying automation solutions are not foreign to us,” said Ahmar Abbas, DISYS’ VP of Global Services. “With the relaunch of ACE, we are proving we are an industry leader in this space.”

DISYS, which has more than 33 offices across the globe, is an IT managed services and staffing firm, utilizing best practices and innovative solutions on every engagement. DISYS relies on best-in-class IT talent and cutting-edge technology to achieve client goals. Through multiple engagements, DISYS has helped clients realize the power of automated processes and is at the forefront of setting industry standards.

DISYS has been deploying automated solutions in client environments for years, but noticed a need to expand the service in 2015. Sales leaders for key industries DISYS serves began seeing shifts in the marketplace and a higher demand for operational efficiency — particularly in the face of market plateaus in industries such as Energy. The formalization of ACE is DISYS’ proactive response to the increased need for business processes to be machine manned vs. performed by an employee.

“As businesses grow more complex because of the large influx of data collected and interpreted, the automation of many daily tasks is a natural step to maintain high efficiency,” Abbas said. “Despite common assumptions, for a human workforce, automation is nothing to be afraid of. It frees up employees for more analytic, high-value, creative work that fuels business growth.”

With the expansion of ACE, DISYS has grown its knowledge base and is increasingly focused on not only utilizing automation within IT, but evangelizing its benefits within other areas of business including operations, accounting and human resources.

“There really isn’t an operational area that process automation can’t touch and improve,” said Jeff Giangiulio, Practice Lead for ACE. “The use cases are vast and we are working diligently to come up with ways to implement automation across multiple industries in countless scenarios.”

To date, DISYS has put ACE to use in the Healthcare, Energy and Banking & Finance sectors. It’s recent deployment of Robotic Process Automation for one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers is reported to have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties as well as tripled process output and eliminated security threats once prevalent through human process.

“The power of automation is barely being tapped right now,” Giangiulio said. “With ACE, and our increased commitment to automation excellence, DISYS is ready to set the bar for innovative and efficient solutions to advance a client’s productivity and increase their bottom line.”

About Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)

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