DISYS Announces Launch of SAP Business Intelligence Accelerator Tool, REV

April 23, 2013

DISYS releases an SAP BI Accelerator tool providing faster analysis and organization of data

Mclean, VA – April 23th – Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), a leading global IT solutions firm, has announced the launch of REV, their newly developed BI Accelerator tool made for SAP. REV joins DISYS’ recently released cloud enablement tool, Sirro, as the latest innovation from DISYS’ research and development arm, DISYS Labs.

REV efficiently analyzes the inventory of data to detect redundant and obsolete objects in the SAP Business Intelligence landscape. By leveraging this accelerator tool, a higher degree of quality and data integrity can be achieved when upgrading and consolidating objects. REV provides DISYS client’s faster access to relevant information, increasing the overall SAP BI system performance and enabling clients to make informed strategic decisions. DISYS BI consultants will utilize this accelerator tool to better harmonize data across multiple platforms, streamlining processes for the customer.

Ahmar Abbas, DISYS’ Vice President of Global Services, commented on REV “As we continue to innovate our services and expand DISYS Labs, REV provides our clients with a unique offering as it is a customized program built to maintain SAP BI applications that can automate processes required to manage the BI landscape. Our clients will benefit from optimized knowledge transition during BI support take over and identify new insight for future projects.”

Shanthi Mani, DISYS SAP Practice Manager stated, “REV allows the BI Application Support team to significantly save time on manual analysis. DISYS will be able to administer this tool for our SAP BI customers who have implemented SAP BI systems over the years and achieve the benefits of accelerated technical analysis.”

DISYS REV has been made available to DISYS clients and the public as of its release on April 23th. For more information, visit www.disys.com/about-us/rev/ or contact your DISYS Sales Representative.

View the REV demo below.