Demand for Data Analysts Rapidly Increasing

December 27, 2012

The high-tech sector has fared well in recent years, and IT jobs are expected to increase in the near future. Data analytics in particular has seen a recent growth trend that has outpaced the number of qualified candidates, according to a recent CIO Magazine report.

The news source cited a McKinsey Global Institute study, which projected there will be hundreds of thousands of data analytics positions available in the U.S. by 2018.

Scott Bailey, executive vice president of strategy and analytics at Target Data, told CIO Magazine there are a few vital skill sets data analysts need to possess: data expertise, an understanding of statistics and creative problem solving capabilities.

"CIOs need to recognize the 'design shop' nature of this role and hire individuals into an environment where they have the opportunity to own a puzzle and the time to produce a solution," Bailey said.

Cloud computing driving growth
Cloud-based technology has contributed significantly to the rise of data analysts. In a recent blog for CloudTweaks, ConnectEdu CTO Rick Blaisdell predicted that cloud computing will take big data analytics "to the next level."

This notion was supported by a recent Gartner report, which estimated that big data will produce 4.4 million IT jobs worldwide by 2015, including 1.9 million positions in the United States. In addition, Peter Sondergaard, Gartner's senior vice president, expects that "every big data-related role in the U.S. will create employment for three people outside of IT."

According to the study, cloud computing is spurring much of this growth, particularly because of its relationship with mobile devices and social media. These technologies are responsible for producing vast amounts of data that companies are attempting to utilize more effectively.