DeLoitte Study: Mobile Solutions of Increasing Importance Within the Public Sector

February 20, 2013

A new report from Deloitte says that increased adoption of mobile solutions could save the government $50 billion each year.

Increased use of mobile technology could help government agencies cut costs in a variety of ways, the report says, including saving 57 million hours of caseworkers' time per year, plus another 50 million hours annually for police officers.

While the private sector's movement toward increased productivity through mobile solutions has already begun, Deloitte vice chairman Jessica Blume suggests that the public sector must look to embrace new technology as well.

"The private sector's enthusiastic adoption of mobile technology has led to great gains in efficiency and productivity," Blume said. "With these experiences as a guide, mobile advancement within the public sector can do the same."

One public entity that's already begun the mobile solutions movement is the U.S. Air Force. Space Command commander William Shelton recently announced a multi-step plan to improve mobile communications within his unit. Shelton's initiative will include the delivery of 10,000 mobile devices to airmen, giving them easier access to their email accounts, calendars and contacts. The devices will include both personal and official data, with the two maintained separately.

The Air Force's mobile plan will involve both Apple and Android tools and will include access to Air Force-approved social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the USAF will implement a security management platform to safeguard against lost, stolen or damaged devices.

The Air Force has also transitioned away from paper maps, manuals and charts, publishing these materials electronically instead. This change has led to a 90 percent reduction in staff hours for printing paper-based materials, totaling a decrease of 22,000 hours per year.