Coca-Cola Enterprises to promote green IT as companies follow suit

March 24, 2014

Corporations in every industry sector have been drinking the IT Kool-Aid as of late, adopting everything from big data to cloud computing capabilities just because. While these technological advancements can surely prove advantageous to companies, tech departments still have to formulate endgame plans to apply these tools. The bulk of IT professionals have been thinking inside the box, incorporating them for purely business purposes. However, others have set their sights on a greener vision resulting from their technology use.

One of the most notable corporations that has decided to implement sophisticated IT solutions to increase sustainability is Coca-Cola Enterprises. According to Computer Weekly, this international business behemoth opted to bring its green initiatives up a notch with the help of the latest technology trends. 

"We are proud of the progress we have made on our own sustainability journey, but the next era of sustainable business will be led by more meaningful collaboration," stated chairman and CEO John Brock, Computer Weekly reports.

Coca-Cola has already been employing environmentally friendly business practices to promote energy efficiency throughout its supply chain. While the company's executives are pleased with their efforts so far, they believe that outfitting their operations with the advanced IT capabilities will take them much closer to sustainability.

IT infrastructure wastes energy – the cloud can help
The energy consumed by IT infrastructure contributes to a significant proportion of the world's carbon footprint. Equipment from the the back office to the front is responsible for creating excess energy waste, and Coca-Cola, along with other companies, hopes to reduce this as much as possible. 

Data centers are the main focus of many of these green IT endeavors. Information storage and processing equipment especially present a challenge for companies looking to become more sustainable. As it is extremely difficult to gauge the exact energy consumption of data centers, tech professionals do not have a point of reference from which they can proceed with their green ventures.

"Data centers are somewhat streamlined in terms of their consumption," said Kevin Sirjuesingh, director of IT strategic initiatives at Coca-Cola, according to Computer Weekly. "But when I look at the figures for data center hosting with our supplier, CCE's energy footprint is based on square footage in the data center, which is a nonsense figure."

Techworld advises that businesses attempting to refine their IT infrastructures for fostering sustainability and energy efficiency should implement some of the newest tools. Progressive capabilities like cloud computing can promote data and traffic expansion while still reducing energy consumption.