Cloud Solutions can Streamline Hollywood Movie Production

May 17, 2013

Companies in nearly every sector can reap the benefits of employing cloud technologies. By incorporating ERP business solutions into their operations, managers can make their IT operations more reliable, cost-effective and above all, speedy.

Speed can help any organization, public or private, but perhaps nowhere is it more profitable than in Hollywood, where the movie business thrives on its ability to capitalize on market trends. Whenever a new film genre hits it big, studios race to milk the cash cow for all it's worth, and time is of the essence.

Robert Jenkins, chief executive officer for cloud solutions firm CloudSigma, recently wrote a guest article for analyzing how the cloud could help Hollywood. He cited the "Hunger Games" movies as an example – the first one arrived in theaters in March 2012 and grossed $155 million in its opening weekend, but the series lost momentum during the long layoff between films one and two.

Lionsgate is forced to endure a 20-month wait before producing the second movie, and during that time, new blockbuster films threaten to take over viewers' hearts – and their wallets. There's no guarantee that the second film will achieve the same commercial success as the first.

The cloud, with its ability to streamline operations and contain data overflows, might be the solution for Lionsgate and other studios like it.

"Typically, a film's production environments and the participating service partners are distributed around the globe," Jenkins explained. "For these groups to collaborate, data, film reels, etc., are physically flown around the world as needed. As you can imagine, this is cumbersome, inefficient and costly, and may be one reason movie fans have to wait so long for the next installment of their favorite flicks."

When producing a big-budget Hollywood film, capacity is a major issue. A major movie is composed of countless smaller elements, and coordinating them all is a massive undertaking. But as Forbes explains, the cloud alleviates concerns about running out of storage space or server capacity, offering nearly unlimited space for companies to contain their data. The cloud also makes data storage far less expensive and less of a logistical hassle, making for fewer headaches for busy producers.

The cloud has many tangible effects on the business world, but it can also have a positive impact on entertainment. America demands only the latest and greatest trends at the cinema, and technology can help make that happen.