Cloud security highlighted at AWS re:invent Conference

November 19, 2014

At the re:invent Conference last week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its partners showed a strong commitment to cloud security. As the adoption rate of cloud computing rises, so does the demand for security solutions that will bring a level of comfort to executives and employees alike as more and more enterprise data gets stored in the cloud.

AWS unveils new security tools
AWS featured two new security and compliance tools at the conference. The AWS Key Management Service was the first to be unveiled. According to Gigaom, this new service will allow business users to manage their encryption keys for applications and services for both on-premise infrastructure and in the AWS cloud.

The Key Management Service is one way that AWS hopes to make cloud computing more convenient for its customers. Managing encryption keys is a painstaking process for many managers, meaning the necessary routine maintenance often goes overlooked. Companies that don't want to deal with this hassle might shirk their duty to rotate their keys to make sure their applications are always encrypted.

The other security service AWS revealed at the conference was AWS Config. Data Center Dynamics reported that this service will be aimed at companies with strict auditing requirements. Config is a fully managed service that provides users with resource inventory and configuration history along with other important information for auditing purposes.

As the price of cloud storage plummets, cloud providers will be forced to add additional functionality in addition to the low prices they offer their customer. Powerful security solutions is just one way that AWS and its partners are sweetening the deal for customers.

Cloud security partners make their presence felt
While Amazon itself unveiled its own new security tools, the tech company also gave some air time to its partners who deal in cloud security. Data Center Dynamics reported that more than two dozen security vendors exhibited their products and services at the conference. Many of them were showing off brand new services for use with the AWS system.

The bulk of the AWS re:invent Conference is the technical training sessions that take place throughout the week, offering attendees a deep dive into a specific topic. There were 25 full sessions last week that were dedicated to the topic of data security in the cloud. This notable presence of security partners and speakers highlights AWS and the rest of the cloud services industry's commitment to assuaging customers' security fears.