Cloud market set to balloon as enterprise cloud strategy matures

November 11, 2014

The rate at which cloud computing has become embedded within the enterprise landscape over the last few years has been staggering. The cloud, which many early analysts derided as a hype-fueled, flash in the pan tech trend has planted itself firmly within businesses of all sizes to mostly positive reviews. While security and performance concerns continue to linger around this still young technology, most companies know the benefits to be had through cloud enablement.

Enterprise gets a better handle on the cloud
An article in Forbes illustrated the change in how managers in enterprise think about the cloud. Just a few years ago, managers and executives asked questions like "what is the cloud?" or "how do we adopt cloud computing?" Today, these same upper-level employees are asking more sophisticated questions, diving into the finer points of cloud strategy and enablement.

Executives' thinking on cloud computing has evolved now that they have had time to understand the market and the technology. Before, terms like IaaS, SaaS and other cloud terminology may have been met with blank stares. But now, there is a strong familiarity with all of the choices available.

Next year will be a clear indication that cloud thinking in the enterprise has gone beyond the basics. Many forward-thinking enterprises have already laid the groundwork, filling out their IT infrastructures with cloud services – some even with a high degree of automation. This is the foundation on which these businesses can build upon for years to come as the technology evolves and the benefits become more apparent.

Cloud market poised for meteoric rise
The market for cloud computing solutions is going to skyrocket over the next few years as enterprise grows more aware of how to implement and use them, Network World reported. The news source, looking at data from IDC, found the public cloud IT market is slated to reach a total size of $56.6 billion this year. The data also showed that the public cloud market will grow by $127 billion over the next four years – a 22.8 percent increase in each year over the last.

SaaS dominates the public cloud market, accounting for 70 percent of all cloud solution sales. This trend will continue as industry-specific SaaS products become more commonplace.

"Many of these new solutions will be in industry-focused platforms with their own innovation communities, which will reshape not only how companies operate their IT, but also how they compete in their own industry," said IDC's Chief Analyst Frank Gens.

Through industry-specific cloud applications and hardware, IT looks like it will become a major battleground between enterprises.