Cloud investors contribute to educational initiatives, small business software

March 3, 2015

Business leaders, educators and political organizations are well past the introductory stage with cloud computing. Many of them have a strong grasp on the array of benefits affiliated with the technology, such as the ability to significantly ease the processes of storing, accessing, sharing and backing up large batches of data. However, now that they trust the cloud, they’re working on expanding its reach.

Colocation data centers are making it much easier for businesses across the globe to expand their cloud storage capacity without having to heavily compromise their budgets. Cybersecurity tactics such as biometrics, encryption and data decentralization are not just preventing data breaches; they’re also providing a sense of greater comfort to cloud users. Yet none of this would be scalable with the support of investors.

The investment community recognizes the vast growth potential of the cloud sector. As a result, they are chipping in for related educational initiatives, startups and later stage businesses that are all focused on the proliferation of cloud computing.

UTSA receives $9 million investment for cloud education
The University of Texas at San Antonio recently announced that it has received a $9 million investment to fund the Open Cloud Institute, a program that will create degrees in cloud computing and big data. Graham Weston, chairman of lead investor 80/20 Foundation and Rackspace, said that academia is the next industry to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing.

“By recruiting the nation’s most sought-after scholars, UTSA has developed tremendous expertise in cloud computing and analytics,” said UTSA President Ricardo Romo. “With the support of our industry partners, UTSA students and researchers now have unparalleled opportunities to collaborate on projects that will lead to new innovations in this dynamic field.”

Xero Limited lures $110 million in capital
Xero Limited, the parent company of Xero, a cloud-based small business software supplier, has received $110 million in investments, according to CPA Practice Advisor. Accel Partners led the raise, and Matrix Capital Management also contributed to the investment. Xero noted that it will use the funding to expand innovation and distribution.

“Accel always looks for enduring technologies with global reach and we see the need and opportunity for millions of small businesses to grow on Xero’s platform,” Andrew Braccia, a partner with Accel, told the news outlet. “We’ve worked with several other leading companies in the region to broaden their global reach and we hope this experience will be valuable as Xero’s strong leadership team looks to expand in the United States.”