Cloud computing trends for 2015

December 22, 2014

While cloud computing has already become a massive part of the framework for global commerce, the technology still has plenty of room to grow. Despite a number of reports which indicate that cloud security has significantly improved, the perception of general insecurity still lingers through a number of less familiar business operations. However, the trepidations seem to be rooted more in conjecture than fact. In time, this perception will gradually dissipate. And as this happens, cloud use will exceed its already swift growth rate.

With more small- and medium-sized businesses soon embracing the technology and a number of existing cloud users finding innovative ways to take advantage of its efficiencies, IT managers and news outlets are considering upcoming cloud trends for 2015.

What’s on the horizon?
David H. Deans, a technology consultant and writer, spoke with CustomerThink about some of his projections for cloud computing in 2015. He told the news source that IT managers, chief intelligence officers and engineers will begin to streamline cloud processes so they can eliminate tedious administrative tasks that might hinder more important objectives. He also said that cloud computing will begin to further embrace multi-platform adaptability.

“The future outlook for many companies is likely to include embracing the mobile cloud scenario, where the two most apparent enterprise technology trends morph together into a cohesive whole,” Deans told the news source.

In 2014, cloud computing services has grown into a $56.6 billion market. The news source expects that figure to reach $127 billion by 2018, when public IT cloud services will account for more than 50 percent of global software expenditures.

Other upcoming cloud trends
While many IT managers and analysts project far-reaching technological trends in the coming year, the cloud will be linked to many of these emerging directions because of its recent surge.

Adrian Sanabria, a senior security analyst with 451 Research, told CIO Today that visibility will blossom in 2015. While cloud computing is becoming more widespread, Sanabria said that it’s nonetheless difficult for IT managers to know what’s going on throughout most networks.

“The growth in IT and mobility means that security will follow suit, roughly two years behind,” a 451 Research report noted, according to the news source. “Not only are new products coming along to match IT developments and widespread vulnerabilities, but they’re also all claiming to be complementary to the existing security. This will cause more enterprises to pile on more layers in the coming year.”