Cloud Computing to Continue Evolving in Near Future

December 11, 2012

Corporate technology and infrastructures have changed drastically in recent years, and that evolution may still be in its early stages. In a recent interview with ReadWriteCloud, Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, predicted that the vast majority of enterprise software will eventually be based in the cloud.

"The dam has broken," Levie told the news source. "We're seeing all this innovation. There's more opportunity than ever before. We're going to see, over the next decade, a huge changing of IT architecture."

Levie said that many CIOs continue to replace their on-premise systems with cloud-based infrastructures, a trend which he expects will continue for the foreseeable future. In addition, because of the affordability of cloud computing products, companies of all sizes will be able to implement the technology.

2013 trends
The cloud is projected to have another big year in 2013, as the technology should mature even more. Recent reports by Forrester and Forbes predicted some of the top cloud computing trends over the next 12 months, including:

Mobile solutions will continue to be integrated with the cloud, and apps will become connected to back-end services.

– Cloud computing will stop being viewed as a distinct technology. According to the Forrester blog, "we'll finally stop saying that everything is going cloud" in 2013, and cloud-based services will become the norm.

– The cloud will produce a number of IT jobs, many of which will lack enough educated and qualified candidates. These positions will exist within IT departments and at cloud computing vendors.

– Organizations will develop their own cloud-based strategies to fit their needs. At the same time, 2013 could see a rise in industry-specific community clouds.

– Cloud computing will become an essential technology with regard to data storage and backup.