Cloud Computing Spurring IT Sector Change

June 7, 2012

The high-tech sector has been on a roll lately, with recent surveys indicating IT jobs are increasing and morale is high. At the same time, the role of tech professionals is constantly evolving.

Cloud computing has had a hand in that evolution, according to a recent report by Computerworld. The article highlighted a recent IDC study, which found that the cloud will produce 6.7 million IT jobs worldwide in 2012 and is expected to create nearly 14 million positions by 2015.

In a recent blog for ITworld, Eric Bloom, president of IT leadership firm Manager Mechanics, highlighted several ways cloud computing is changing the role of IT:

– There will be a higher demand for tech professionals to provide IT infrastructure support as more companies integrate cloud-based programs.

– Data integration jobs will grow, as will hybrid and private cloud specialists.

– Because cloud-based applications and infrastructures make corporate data more easily accessible, security specialists will likely take on a larger role within IT departments.

IT sector becoming cloud-centric
Even as new positions are continuously developed, tech workers are required to have a broader range than ever to succeed, according to Bill Hilf, general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft.

“To be a great IT professional, you have to know about networks, storage, software, operating systems and then all of the different management instruments for all your different cloud providers,” Hilf told Computerworld. “I worry about IT guys who say they only specialize in storage. That works in yesterday’s world, but you need to know about the entire stack to be effective today.”

Meanwhile, IT service companies are expected to see an uptick in business, as more enterprises choose to outsource IT services like those based in the cloud.