Cloud Computing Proves Beneficial to Businesses’ Hiring Practices

April 22, 2013

Cloud computing has already proven immensely beneficial in the American IT industry. Workers are able to store data online and access it from any location using any device, giving them added flexibility and productivity. But the cloud does more than assist a company's current employees – it also works wonders in recruiting and hiring, ensuring that firms will have more robust staffs for years to come.

There are many ways the cloud has made hiring practices more efficient. First of all, it reduces recruitment costs – by giving employers a high-tech way of filtering through job applicants and finding the most qualified candidates, firms are able to save time and money by avoiding the applicants who would only waste their time. The cloud also condenses the hiring timeline, streamlining every process from opening a job to onboarding a new employee. Finally, cloud solutions have the long-term effect of decreasing employee turnover. Because firms are able to better target qualified applicants, they are more likely to keep employees in the jobs where they rightfully belong.

Mike Giuffrida, co-founder and CEO of NGA.NET U.S. Public Sector, recently worked with Lockheed Martin on a talent acquisition system called eRecruit which works to make information on top available talent available in the cloud. He explained that the best cloud solutions bring together proven human capital with technological capability.

"Through our agile approach to technology, eRecruit easily integrates into existing enterprise systems and works with agencies' business processes to deliver the intelligence necessary to tackle today's pressing and evolving human capital challenges," Giuffrida said.

Mashable recently expounded on the many ways that cloud collaboration has improved hiring. Most notably, the news source explained, the cloud encourages a greater sense of community – cloud data on top talent is often made available nowadays on social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and these places offer forums for like-minded professionals to come together and share opinions and information.

The cloud also makes it easier and faster for recruiters to receive feedback on the hiring process. No one likes to wait for weeks to hear back about a job opening, and luckily the cloud is able to accelerate the process and open lines of communication. Everything from scheduling interviews to enabling back-and-forth dialogues with HR departments is easier in the cloud.

Companies are adopting the cloud every day for myriad purposes – hiring is certainly one of them. By moving recruiting to the cloud, IT firms have made it easier than ever to attract and retain top talent.