Cloud computing market continues to grow as eye turns to future

April 17, 2014

Cloud computing has been a transformative aspect of IT technology for years now, but its applications continue to change. Recent trends may not just change cloud efficiency and effectiveness applications, but the ways different companies approach its potential uses in the future.

According to Smart Data Collective, the cloud is continuing to see new levels of growth. In a recent survey of IT decision makers, 75 percent of surveyed respondents were said to use the cloud in some way, an increase of 8 percent over the previous year.

Of these respondents, there are four key uses that are dominating the market. Business cloud apps used for social business and collaboration, file sharing, business productivity and customer relationship management and marketing are all being seen in a brand-new light by many consumers across the world.

These changes are helping the market show clear and consistent improvement. Since 2011, the market has grown by 126 percent, and is expected to be worth as much as $158 billion dollars by the end of this year.

Even some of the cloud's most contentious aspects appear to have been overrated or unfounded. When adopting the cloud, 94 percent of businesses reported seeing an improvement in their security means, while another 75 percent saw network availability improve at the same time. This is in contrast to 60 percent of small businesses not adopting the cloud worried about their data's safety.

Looking to the future
Manufacturing Business Technology noted that as the Internet becomes more intertwined in modern day life, the cloud will likely become the new standard, and many companies are creating their products with a cloud-first mentality. The effects will be transformative. IT jobs will no longer require their employees to focus mainly on server maintenance and backups, instead allowing users to transform their roles into increased innovation and business improvement leadership positions.

There's also expected to be a movement of business strategies once ecommerce platforms are put into full effect. This will allow online shopping to match inventories and warehouse management automatically, helping make shipping the products much easier.

Even the average user will see improvement in their practices, but their word processing, spreadsheet and email programs and hosting services will be much different. The cloud is expected to revolutionize current standard practices, completely changing consumer ideals and ideas alike in an attempt to better expand across the market.