Cloud Computing Leading to New IT Jobs

December 14, 2012

Cloud computing has opened doors for companies of all sizes by bringing innovative, cost-effective technology to businesses that otherwise could not afford it. At the same time, the cloud is creating a number of new positions both inside and outside the IT sector.

In Ireland, for example, JOBS Minister Richard Bruton recently announced that the country will construct a cloud computer center, which will produce an estimated 8,500 jobs.

"It's a very significant center for cloud computing," Bruton said. "Cloud computing will bring great opportunity for small businesses and many very significant multi-national companies to work together on shared problems."

Career in the cloud
Cloud computing is different that any technology before it, which means cloud-related IT jobs have to be accompanied by a different set of skills. However, a recent report by CIO Magazine indicated that the cloud is causing the tech sector to undergo a transition.

"We're now in this period of rapid evolution," David Foote, CEO of Foote Partners, told the news source. "The cloud market is is in transitional and hasn't ordained or adopted a set of jobs or skills that you can call cloud skills." 

Foote said he thinks the need for cloud architects will rise as more companies shift their servers to the cloud. Traditional tech jobs – for instance, IT infrastructure support, cybersecurity, server configuration and networking – could soon be occupied by cloud computing specialists.

Meanwhile, a separate report by ITworld suggested that outsourced IT services positions will also grow. Data and software integration specialists will be in higher demand to help companies implement cloud-based programs. In addition, big data and other business analysts will likely play a larger role in IT departments.