Cloud computing in the near future

March 28, 2014

Over the past few years, cloud computing has been able to make a number of notable leaps and bounds. However, as it's one of the premier technologies in today's market, there is more potential for this innovative approach. There are expected to be a number of more expansive approaches to its development in the immediate future.

According to Smart Data Collective, one way that cloud technology will improve and expand will come from a new approach to security. Security has scared off many businesses from developing their own cloud standards, with as many as 40 percent of businesses being concerned about stolen data, but different providers are ready to offer a number of new protection strategies in the near future. The hybrid cloud combines public and private clouds, for instance, allowing for more scalable security depending on the safety specific data requires. Access control policies will also develop in the near future, providing businesses with more of an opportunity to keep the data they want under wraps to be safe.

Information standardization is also a new approach changing the cloud market. It will soon be possible to integrate multiple practices across different providers. Interoperability and information portability are expected to improve many of the standards that cloud providers currently operate under.

Market expansion to drive new standards
Further driving the growth of new cloud strategies in IT jobs is coming from the growth of the technology overall in storage means. HostReview found that nearly 50 percent of all business information will likely be contained on the cloud, with a total of $180 billion spent by companies worldwide on cloud services by 2015. It's also likely that cloud backup will have $13 billion spent on it alone in the process in the United States

Additional levels of service expected to hit the market in coming years include encryption of data. Keeping the information under wraps and out of the hands of thieves will be easier when services are built specifically to keep data safe under an additional level of security. Information will only be able to be accessed after users meet certain security standards with few downsides in the process.

Cloud data analytics is another strong subject in the market likely to see improvements. Almost 60 percent of the shoppers in the cloud market expect to implement analytics practices, which will allow them to better predict consumer behavior and make better decisions in the process. Data storage means will likely expand heavily to better meet this market.