Cloud computing helps improve social needs

April 10, 2014

There are a number of different needs in the modern market. Thought it may be unexpected, cloud computing is increasingly helping to improve these various social needs.

According to Cloud Tweaks, the cloud is increasingly helping disabled users better use the tools they need. There is already technology on the market that helps configure any device that uses the Internet to meet users' specific needs. This is hoped to provide users in need with a number of new tools they can use to gain access to a number of new resources.

This cloud-based project has two different benefits, allowing for both a wizard to help users identify which technologies and features would be best for their specific needs. That can be as simple as a new background for users with limited vision, or as high-tech as a speech recognition and translation software setup for users with difficulties typing.

The second benefit of the program comes from cloud-based profiles that allow for better access to preferences and permissions. This means that no matter the service they're using, their specifications can easily be plugged into almost any device.

That project isn't the only improvement, either. Websites today can be designed specifically for people who have cognitive disabilities, and governments everywhere are working to find more ways to meet their needs.

Going green
A second recent emphasis in the cloud computing market comes from an overarching problem for many businesses. IT Pro Portal reports that companies can use the cloud to more easily go green, freeing up resources that would otherwise be wasted. Virtualization, for example, can free up a number of computers that are developed. Companies using the cloud can consolidate their resources in this way.

Many providers offer this feature in a pay-as-you-go model, allowing firms to choose a number of different applications and only use the ones they require at any given time. This allows them to save money on software and on power consumption alike, saving the environment. IT staff costs can also be reduced because cloud providers will likely take care of many costs.

IT jobs can also see improvement from scalable computing, which changes the various methods of production around depending on specific needs at any one time. This allows businesses to convert their infrastructure to support different levels of production, which can further improve their green qualities through less internal maintenance.