Cloud computing goes `round the world

September 5, 2014

Cloud computing is here to stay and from all reports, like the recent one in MSP today, it is exploding around the globe as more companies embrace the benefits of its potential. Communications company Esna recently explained how the inevitability of cloud implementation is upon us and likely to continue to grow.

Defining the reasons companies merge with the cloud
The MSP story said there are three main reasons companies will deploy cloud technology. Collaboration, variety and results. Because the technology works, the source reported that 45 percent of reporting global companies said they are running cloud computing applications at the production level. In addition, said MSP, 32 percent of the respondents claimed to be operating some form of the cloud as part of a larger IT and business plan.

Off premise colocation is the future and the future is now
Ensa explained in its report that more companies are, indeed, looking to the future and discovering that off-premise data storage and third party management of that information is looking more likely to to be the business model of the future. Fewer premises-based operations are in existence and those that are seem to be relegated to start-ups and low-tech operations,according to Ensa's study. Another attribute of cloud merging, explained the Ensa report, is the cloud allows smaller businesses to compete with larger onces without astronomical costs. Ensa also revealed that companies that hold on to premise-based storage and security are actually limiting themselves in regards to competitive advantage and return of investment and that can be the death knell for any business living on the edge.

Planning and implementation of the cloud
The MSP story detailed how, with all the global implementation of the cloud, that 29 percent of United States industries have discovered and begin investigating how to best use the cloud for their businesses. Twenty-seven percent of European concerns are in the same stages. Eighteen percent of U.S. business that are just starting out have also said they are in the cloud for most of their storage and security needs. MSP adds that the cloud is getting all kinds of referrals from those who are using it. Eighty-seven percent of all the respondents, world-wide, said the would recommend the cloud to other companies within and outside of their respective industries.

According to the MSP story cloud computing is projected to garner some $180 billion in spending by the end of 2015 and 82 percent of those surveyed said the cloud saved them money after its implementation in their operations.