Certain skills needed in IT jobs include security, job-specific skills

May 13, 2014

In IT jobs, the skills necessary to find a job are both continually changing and staying the same. With new industries and focuses on the horizon, it's important for some workers to diversify their skillsets, but other positions are just as strong as they have been in the past, meaning their needed skills aren't quickly changing.

According to InformationWeek, there's a rising problem in IT departments. While only 16 percent of respondents to the news source's Strategic Security Survey found their organizations are more vulnerable to attacks now than they were a year ago, nearly a quarter of IT companies have seen a known security breach in the past year. This means that with time going on, more companies will need to beef up their security needs.

The survey found that increased sophistication of threats and an increasing number of ways to attack a corporate network respectively saw more than three-quarters and two-thirds of IT companies worried about their future prospects. As such, nearly 40 percent are raising their security budget spending. This means that workers with security knowledge can almost take their pick of the available jobs in the industry. 

At the same time, teamwork and cooperation are also in demand from these companies. Too many security teams have been found to add too many staffers, which limits communication and leads to too many or archaic levels of technology to be added to overall practices.

Constants remain
Business News Daily added that in addition to security, the standby needs from employers aren't going away anytime soon. IT employees are expected to have one or two specific IT fields they excel in. Software development is one of these key needs, specifically seeing demand in developer operations or Javascript. As these systems continue to advance and develop, they're expected to become even more important for companies to staff in, and having both the skills to harness current systems and the ability to continue learning in the future will give candidates the best chances of all to succeed.

These are only a few of many choices that these businesses must make. New and important development languages are growing in popularity as well, with the potential for a hefty pay increase if a developer adds them to their toolset. The top five in-demand language skills include Scala, Tivoli, Hadoop, Distributed Control Systems and Natural Language Processing.