Certain skills in IT jobs especially sought after

March 24, 2014

IT jobs are ever-changing, and it's important for workers to know what's sought after in the market to ensure their efforts are properly charged. Recent industry efforts have found that some specific job descriptions on a resume can provide a positive way for workers to best appeal to businesses.

According to Business Insider, a recent survey of the overall industry found that while many positions are staying the same when it comes to overall interest, there are a number of skills that can help garner special amounts of attention. Skills with Salesforce and similar customer relationship management software are one way workers can build their skills and land better positions. Being able to control or corral the software, which has the key benefit of helping sales workers better appeal to and manage their client relationships, will help any business improve their standing well.

Security is another high-end addition to any tech worker's resume. Being able to protect and improve current infrastructure will be important for almost any company currently on the market. As a result, having the skills to properly serve this market stands to heavily improve the skills on the average worker's resume, putting him much higher in demand for those in the industry.

Developers, engineers also sought-after
Other highly-considered skills on the market, seen commonly across many IT officials' best demands for the industry, include a variety of development processes and engineering abilities. For instance, being able to work with Javascript, iOS or different user interfaces can help workers improve their resumes heavily. This will give them the ability to apply for higher-end positions and climb ranks throughout different companies. Engineering, meanwhile, can vary in interest from big data to overall systems, but applicants have seen heavy growth of benefits when these skills have been listed on their applications for different positions.

IT World adds that a number of additional skills have been continually searched for in the market, many of them directly related to development languages or better appealing to mobile solutions. The list of technologies searched is said to be so deep that some new styles on the market can't even reach the top 10 most wanted. Java is the most commonly desired IT skill, followed by C and C++ and Javascript. Rounding out the top 10 are coding abilities that range from SQL services to Linux, Oracle and Ruby. No matter which is their preferred choice, however, the market will be more than willing to see new application strategies and skills.