Business Continuity Preparation is Essential

December 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most recent natural disasters that highlighted just how much outages can affect organizations. A recent Omnilert survey of school, business, nonprofit and government agency employees found that nearly respondents were affected in some way by the storm

"This survey reinforces the importance of utilizing as many forms of communications possible to keep communities safe, informed and aware of the situation," said Ara Bagdasarian, CEO of Omnilert.

More than a quarter of respondents who were affected said their companies experienced significant disruptions during and/or after Hurricane Sandy, while 17.7 percent said 5,000 or more of their employees were impacted.

A recent CloudTweaks blog suggested that organizations establish business continuity plans ahead of time, particularly with regard to cloud computing. The news source advised companies to be proactive with their plans, designing their IT infrastructures in a way that will mitigate the risks of a future cloud outage.

One way to accomplish this is by contracting multiple cloud computing vendors in different parts of the world. Another strategy is to make applications accessible through multiple platforms, such as mobile solutions in addition to computers at the office.