Banks Leveraging SAP Tools for Application Testing, Improved Mobility

February 15, 2013

For awhile, banks were stuck behind companies in other industries with regard to deploying new technologies. Because of the sensitivity of their data, many of these institutions were reluctant to implement solutions they were unsure of how to operate or secure.

SAP tools can provide banks with the proper peace of mind. One program in particular allows executives and IT leaders to test front-office applications ahead of time, eliminating the majority of the risks associated with the transition process. 

Stefan Wahle, vice president of solutions at Wincor Nixdorf, said that SAP operations tools enable “banks to set up customized front-office processes and achieve a high degree of automation in handling front-office transactions.”

Through SAP programs, decision-makers can connect different processes – teller safes with other front-office functions, for instance – before implementing any new technology. This will be especially useful for banks that want to develop multichannel strategies. 

Using SAP for mobile initiatives
More than anything, banks appear to have fallen behind other industries when it comes to deploying mobile solutions for customers. According to a recent Varolii survey, nearly 70 percent of Americans voiced dissatisfaction with their current mobile banking apps

For institutions attempting to develop effective applications, SAP mobile platforms offer an extremely valuable resource.

“This innovative banking project is radically affecting the lives of thousands people for the better,” said Pfungwa Serima, CEO of SAP Africa.

More than half a million consumers are using these SAP-based apps in South Africa alone since the product was released in March 2012. SAP tools allow companies to design mobile solutions that focus on the end-user experience. Through these applications, customers can perform a variety of traditional banking transactions via their mobile devices.

In addition, SAP’s mobile platform includes strong security management capabilities, an important factor for banks because of the sensitivity of the data for which they’re responsible.