Baker Tilly and AWS use the cloud to promote employee collaboration

February 26, 2015

Employee engagement has become a key focus point for business leaders over the past few years. Many of them now understand that their companies can optimize performance levels only with a fully immersed workforce. A wide range of increasingly common tactics, such as internal social networks and greater implementation of enterprise video, are encouraging interaction among colleagues. Cloud computing has had a similar effect.

Employee collaboration may not be the first reason why companies are adopting the cloud.┬áThe most popular catalyst is the technology’s ability to streamline data storage and backup. However, the cloud also eases the process of data sharing, thereby promoting engagement among employees. This has become a growing focus of cloud service providers across the globe that are gradually shifting their plans as they tussle for market share.

Baker Tilly connects cloud users worldwide
Baker Tilly International, a global accountancy and consulting firm based in London, is using the Huddle cloud collaboration service to connect 154 of its members from 133 countries, according to Tech World.

The service gives these member firms the ability to work on cross-border projects with a secure cloud environment. The news outlet noted that Baker Tilly has a staff of more than 27,000 in nearly 700 offices worldwide. Paul Ginman, the chief operating officer at Baker Tilly International, said that it just isn’t feasible to teach a new technology for every new project. But cloud collaboration tools such as Huddle can aggregate digital projects.

“As a lot of the documents we’re dealing with are extremely sensitive and confidential, consumer tools such as Dropbox or emails have associated cybersecurity risks,” Ginman told the news outlet. “They simply don’t cut it anymore. We needed a standard system for consistency purposes and a service that would provide us with full version control and audit trails.”

AWS develops new collaboration tool
Amazon Web Services has launched Amazon Zocalo, a service that allows cloud clients to store and share files, according to The Wall Street Journal. Werner Vogels, the chief technology officer for Amazon, recently said that collaboration and document sharing is a vital part of the company’s structure.

“For [chief information officers] that have a centralized contract with AWS for compute and storage, this becomes a nice add on, if the company doesn’t already have a similar solution in place,” Paul Hughes, an analyst with International Data Corporation, a global market intelligence and advisory service provider, told the publication.