Backend social media integration can make the cloud even more potent

November 4, 2014

In looking for cloud computing technology, early adopters focused heavily on agility in customer service. But as the technology grew in its scope and capability, it became readily apparent that in addition to the improvements in agility the cloud offered enterprise, cost savings could be massive. In fact, for many analysts the cost savings cloud computing can bring to businesses of all sizes may be the greatest selling point for the ever-evolving technology.

Cost cutting – from infrastructure to employees
As TMCNet noted, cloud computing alleviated the costs and inefficiencies that on-premise IT infrastructure engendered by eliminating the need to upgrade and replace the perpetually outdated capabilities of the in-house systems. In addition, as the need for data storage, access and analytics capacity became more pronounced and essential to staying competitive in a fast-paced business environment, enterprises began to notice that their IT solutions were too unwieldy and sluggish.

Looking at data from a recent survey, TMCNet found that enterprises saw a cost savings average of 12 percent when they replaced their on-premise infrastructure with a third party cloud solution. But it's not all about the upfront savings or the savings over time brought on by the new cloud computing capabilities.

Many businesses are finding their employees' ability to collaborate, access workflows remotely through their own devices (known as the BYOD workplace), and easily store, access and analyze company data instantaneously is bringing a heretofore unheard of level of productivity, innovation and satisfaction.

"Two thirds of companies that have adopted cloud services believe it has significantly improved their overall business performance," said Phil Harpur, Senior Research Manager for Australia & New Zealand at Frost & Sullivan in TMCNet. "A significant proportion of organizations feel it has enhanced their ability to innovate and explore new business models."

Employees, enterprises can benefit from backend social media integration
IT Pro Portal reported that a survey of 160 mid-market organizations revealed that 79 percent of employees in the UK believe that backend social media integration with cloud-based applications and systems would bring about even more collaboration, productivity and supplier engagement.

While most businesses use social media for external engagement, using it internally can bolster the connectivity and access of the existing cloud-based infrastructure. Simon Fowler, managing director of Advanced Business Solutions stated that people are the most important asset to any business. The faster and easier their workflows are to access and maintain, the more productive and innovative they're likely to be.

Social media as a means of internal communication and collaboration has yet to be fully explored, but early adopters have found that it can be a powerful complement to the cloud.