Auto Industry Boosting the High-tech Sector

June 19, 2013

The high-tech sector experienced a comeback in 2012, primarily because of the rise of many innovative technologies. However, there might be another unexpected industry that is helping to produce IT jobs: the automotive sector

“Automobiles arguably contain more technology and innovation than any other product, adapting to meet mercurial consumer wants and growing regulatory demand for increased efficiency and improved performance and safety,” said Sandy Baruah, president and chief executive officer of the Detroit Regional Chamber, according to PC Magazine. 

Much like the high-tech sector, the auto industry has been revived over the past couple years, largely through the help of different innovations. This has enabled Michigan, which has the highest concentration of engineers, to reduce its unemployment rate to 8.9 percent – down from its 14.2 percent high point in 2009. 

Tech professionals received a plethora of good news in 2012, from increasing IT jobs throughout different sectors to substantial pay raises. A recent Dice report found that IT workers achieved their biggest salary bumps in a decade, with cities leading the charge. Seven metropolitan regions experienced double-digit increases in annual salary, while IT professionals in Silicon Valley now make an average of more than $100,000 per year.