As Cloud Security Concerns Decrease, Adoption Rates Soar

December 21, 2013

Cloud computing has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and that trend likely won't slow down anytime soon. From cost savings to increased worker efficiency, companies across different industries are moving to implement the technology – including organizations that store sensitive information, such as law firms.

"The risk-averse world of big law appears to be on an inevitable road to fully embrace the cloud, but certain areas of cloud computing just aren't catching on yet," said Monica Bay, editor in chief of Law Technology News (LTN).

A recent study by LTN found that 74 percent of large law firms use cloud computing services, jumping from 65 percent in 2011. More than 80 percent of those companies have benefited from the reduced maintenance of cloud-based applications.

Healthcare agencies are also adopting cloud-based products rapidly, according to a separate report by MarketsandMarkets. Between 2012 and 2017, the worldwide healthcare cloud computing sector is expected to see a 20.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), with North America achieving the highest CAGR at 23.8 percent.

Executives, CIOs favoring the cloud
Company and IT leaders have grown fond of cloud computing, according to a recent survey by Dimensional Research and Host Analytics.

"Businesses are embracing the cloud and realizing if offers tremendous value and advantages over on-premise applications," said Keri Brooke, vice president of marketing at Host Analytics.

At the same time, executives and IT leaders are embracing cloud computing for different reasons. Business leaders consider value to be the top benefit of cloud-based applications, cited by 80 percent of executives. CIOs, on the other hand, listed a range of advantages, noting compliance requirements (58 percent of respondents), providing a competitive edge (51 percent) and business value (53 percent). 

Nearly 80 percent of employees reported positive experiences with cloud computing programs, according to the survey.