Agile and continuous improvement have great potential outside the cloud

October 24, 2014

We often talk about cloud computing in terms of productivity gained in the enterprise. Employers love the fact that their employees can speed up their workflows and communication through increased access to company data and functions, while employees crave the flexibility that comes with 24/7 access to work-related files through their own devices.

The cloud's disruptive impact on the enterprise, however, has been felt beyond the realm of worker productivity. That same desire for flexibility and agility isn't just for the employees' work-life balance – it's become part and parcel of the mindset for the entire business.

One area where this trend has been most keenly felt is in what is known as Devops. Instead of releasing new software or applications in one big release, IT developers are releasing them in waves. They start with a minimum viable product, release it to beta users, implement their feedback and then release another iteration. This is known as agile or continuous improvement.

According to InfoWorld, the agile process has heretofore been used mostly to release cloud applications, which makes sense because the cloud is all about agility. Enterprises are hamstringing themselves though, unless they start applying the agile mindset to all Devops. A business that is still using manual development processes in their cloud and on-premise software releases is losing out on the vast potential that the agile mindset can bring.