A consideration for mobile strategy

April 29, 2015

Mobile technologies continue to have an increasingly significant influence on e-commerce, healthcare and several other parts of everyday life. Yet despite the ongoing development of these innovations, clearly defined mobile strategies are lagging behind. IT managers should ponder implementing a clear plan with a mobile strategist leading the way.

Survey identifies widespread absence of mobile strategies
Robert Half Technology, a web development firm, recently conducted a survey on mobile technology strategy and found that 28 percent of respondents have no established plan. The survey information was culled from the responses of more than 2,300 chief information officers from randomly chosen companies throughout the U.S. that have 100 or more employees.

Approximately 56 percent of respondents noted that their strategy involves a combination of applications and mobile-friendly web pages. However, a number of industries are heavily underdeveloped in this tech field. Another 36 percent of respondents in the healthcare sector said that they have no mobile strategy in place. Yet as physicians and patients become increasingly dependent on mobile solutions, these IT managers would be wise to catch up to the innovation.

“To maintain a competitive advantage, sectors such as business services and retail need to connect with customers anytime, anywhere, so it’s logical to see them leading the charge in implementing mobile strategies,” said John Reed, the senior executive director of Robert Half Technology. “Compliance issues have made it difficult for the healthcare industry to move as quickly as other sectors.”

However, Reed added that consumer demand for mobile health solutions continues to increase. He believes that mobile strategies throughout the sector are certainly worth pursuing.

The staffer behind the mobile plan
According to TechRepublic, data-driven businesses should consider adding a mobile strategist.

Jikku Venkat, the vice president of product marketing at Kinvey, a mobile development platform, spoke with the news outlet about the many potential duties for this kind of employee.

“This is the person responsible for coming up with the mobile strategy, which includes the delivery of mobile applications for the business,” Venkat told the news outlet. “They are responsible for gathering requirements across the business about what the mobile needs are.”

Venkat also told the news outlet that the mobile strategist’s work would intersect with an enterprise’s BYOD strategy. By overseeing the split-bill plan and ensuring network optimization and security standards, this staff member would stay plenty busy.