4 ways to have a disastrous IT career

September 26, 2014

Often, we look to other successful people in our respective fields to be a guide to our own success. This can be hugely helpful – by studying and emulating the most talented and respected people and their habits, we can find our own path to the top. 

It can be equally helpful to know what we should avoid doing as well. Even if you're following the footsteps of your high-level coworkers closely, making one or two critical mistakes can hold you back and leave you wondering why your IT career has stalled out. Here are 4 key things you shouldn't be doing if you want to avoid disaster at work. 

Leaking sensitive information
IT security can be easily compromised by human error. InformationWeek said that talking about sensitive IT processes around unauthorized personnel in public or on the Internet can land you in hot water before you know it.

Not following through
Every area of a business depends on IT to be up and running smoothly. If someone has a problem that you're supposed to be fixing, keep them in the loop regarding your progress and make sure you get it done. Reliability is high on the list of important traits for IT professionals.

Not staying updated
IT is changing fast, and you need to change with it. Not keeping up with the industry is a sure-fire way to let your skills get rusty and miss potentially important developments your company could be using to improve itself.

Not being a team player
Business Insider said that not being a team player is the most common reason employees get fired. IT is all about teamwork and hindering the cohesiveness of the group with a bad attitude, spotty attendance or poor performance will have your boss showing you the door.