4 Must-Have Cloud-Related Skills

June 11, 2013

Businesses are turning to cloud computing services more than ever before, looking to reap the benefits in productivity and cost-effectiveness that improved storage technologies have to offer. Top executives are no doubt noticing the positive effects the cloud has had on their bottom lines, but here's another question – are employees truly aware of how to make the most of their company's cloud initiatives?

Effective cloud use requires tech-savviness, creativity and a willingness to learn new skills. The technology is constantly evolving, and the most effective IT workers will be the ones willing to adapt to the changing times.

If you're looking to improve your cloud use, here are four skills you should develop sooner rather than later.

Even given the proliferation of cloud apps out there already, there's always room for more programs that businesses can use to store data, analyze it and leverage it into better decision-making. Software engineers are using a multitude of different languages for designing cloud apps, and each has its strengths and weaknesses – Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP and Java are among the common programming languages used in the cloud world.

Storage engineering
InfoWorld notes that storage engineers are the IT employees typically in charge of installing, configuring and securing the storage networks at their companies. In recent years, this position has seen a dramatic shift as the cloud has redefined the way companies manage their data. Storage engineers today are in charge of maximizing the space their companies have to work with, organizing information in a way that's streamlined and cost-efficient.

Project management
The cloud has made business processes considerably more efficient, but that doesn't mean project management skills are no longer relevant. Corporate leaders still must be able to delegate tasks and share information with the relevant personnel in order to keep operations running smoothly. With added efficiency due to the cloud, the business world has become more ambitious, looking to tackle bigger projects in shorter time periods. Strong management skills are therefore more important than ever.

Every cloud network comes with concerns about whether it can keep employees' data safe. Information is at risk every day – not only because of outside hackers looking to steal data, but also because human error can cause massive data losses. Shrewd IT employees are aware of how to protect data and how to recover it when it's lost or stolen.