4 lucrative big data jobs

September 26, 2014

Big data has revolutionized the way both retailers and governments go about planning and strategizing for the future. As ever increasing amounts of data need to be collected and analyzed, the opportunity for professionals with those skills to find high paying, rewarding jobs in the field is also growing. Smart companies know that being more agile and data-driven is what is going to allow them to stay competitive and meet future obstacles head on, and they are willing to pay people who can help them achieve that goal. The Motley Fool reported that people with the skills and smarts to make sense of the deluge of data are driving the big data revolution, more than advancing analytics technology. 

Here are some of the jobs available for professionals looking to get into this emerging industry.

Software Developers
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers had a median annual pay of $93,350 in 2012 and can expect to see a 22 percent increase in the number of available jobs by 2022. Though software developers aren't generally immediately involved with big data operations, they can and do have a hand in creating the programs that data scientists use to collect, store, and analyze data. 

Market Research Analysts
The BLS reported that market research analysts can expect to see similar job growth as well as high pay. In 2012, median annual pay for this job was $60,300, and jobs in this field are projected to grow by 32 percent over the next decade. Market research analysts are right in the thick of things in the big data revolution. They are the ones who must collect and interpret the monumental amounts of data. From there, they must translate their findings into actionable advice that an organization can put into practice. Market research analysts are needed in almost every industry and should not be overlooked as a career option.

Database Administrators
The BLS said that database administrators had a median annual income of $77,080 in 2012. Job growth for this profession is projected at 15 percent over the next decade. Database administrators are responsible for safely storing and protecting all of an organization's data. Given the security threats that companies face daily, the job has a central role in big data.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators
Network and computer systems administrators had a median annual income of $72,560 in 2012, and will boast a job growth rate of 12 percent until 2022, the BLS said. People in these roles make sure that an organization's IT infrastructure is operating seamlessly. With such large amount of data and information being shared throughout a company, network and computer systems administrators are the backbone of big data.