3 Ways Mobile Devices can Improve Your Business

June 26, 2013

There’s been a rapid increase in recent years in companies turning to mobile solutions for their many business needs. Using tablets and smartphones around the office makes firms more tech-savvy and efficient, and the devices are rapidly becoming a part of workers’ everyday lives.

Ordinary computers still have their place in the office to be sure, but with mobile devices, businesses can tap into altogether new levels of efficiency.

Here are a few specifics of how mobile devices can transform the business world.

Improved mobility
Today’s employees look to stay connected with work even when they’re outside the office. The grind of business travel is a constant in some workers’ lives, and also, some employees choose to work from home rather than report to the office regularly. According to survey data from Coy Davidson, 20 percent of workers around the world telecommute frequently, and 7 percent do so every day. For these workers, it’s important to have tech solutions that help them access data remotely, and mobile devices can be a tremendous help in this regard, enabling employees to share information and work on collaborative projects with their co-workers.

More sales
Mobile commerce is on the rise today. According to the International Business Times, the total value of mobile commerce annually rose 81 percent last year, from $13.6 billion in 2011 to $24.8 billion in 2012. Another jump of 56 percent is predicted this year, meaning the 2013 total will check in at a cool $38.8 billion. Given the constant evolution of mobile device technology, it’s no surprise that sales continue to grow. If companies want to maximize their profits, they’d best embrace mobile commerce. It’s the wave of the future in sales.

Better customer service
According to VentureBeat, mobile apps are revolutionizing the way consumers contact their companies with questions and comments about their services. Abinash Tripathy, co-founder and CEO of mobile customer service help desk Helpshift, told the news source that tablet and smartphone technology has revolutionized service initiatives in the corporate world.

“Mobile devices have created an entirely new way for people to interact with businesses,” Tripathy said.

Mobile solutions should improve customer service in three main ways, Tripathy explained – reducing overhead costs by simplifying communication channels, increasing the lifetime value of customers and increasing brand advocacy and sales. For all of these reasons, service initiatives will be stronger with improved technology.

Companies have been gradually ramping up their tech capabilities for decades. With mobile solutions, they’re now prepared to reach the next level.