3 underrated cities for IT and tech jobs

October 6, 2014

Professionals looking to begin or continue their IT careers may be curious: where are the opportunities? While big cities such as San Francisco and New York are often heralded as the top cities for tech, job seekers should start considering other cities as a viable option. Sure, the cities with the most IT jobs sound like the logical choice for location when searching for a job, but sheer quantity of jobs isn't the only important quality a city can have. 

Forbes reported that tech job seekers should also consider job growth – are new jobs being continually generated, or is the quantity staying stagnant? Cost of living is also a very important factor to consider when deciding where to take a job. Cities such as San Francisco and New York may have some high paying jobs, but the cost of living is much greater in those cities than in smaller cities. ITWorld listed some of the best cities that boast IT job growth and have low living costs.

Charlotte, North Carolina
A boom in healthcare, energy, and manufacturing have sparked job growth in Charlotte. The cost of living in Charlotte is .6 percent below the national average.

Omaha, Nebraska
IT in healthcare, tech, and manufacturing makes up the bulk of jobs in Omaha. The cost of living is 6.5 percent below the national average.

St. Louis, Missouri
IT jobs for healthcare and government, as well as project managers, are in high demand in St. Louis. The cost of living is 5.6 percent below the national average