2013 Promises More Growth for the Cloud

December 31, 2012

If recent predictions about the future of cloud computing turn out to be at all accurate, the industry is poised for more growth in 2013 – and on a potentially larger scale. The cloud rose to the forefront of enterprise and IT departments in 2012, and full-scale adoption appears to be just around the corner.  

"We've come a long way since the early days of thinking about cloud computing as simply a one size fits all cost-saving technology," said Scott Houston, chief executive officer of GreenButton.

A recent study by GreenButton found that 2012 marked the year cloud computing went mainstream. What, then, might be the cloud's emerging trends in 2013?

Big data: A recent Datacenter Dynamics blog predicted that big data analytics will become an essential enterprise tool, as companies attempt to gain every advantage they can over their competitors.

Cloud-based data backup: After several recent natural disasters, organizations are beginning to realize just how valuable backing up their data in the cloud can be.

Going mobile: Employees continue to expect access to corporate networks from their mobile devices, and cloud computing will play a major role in making this possible.