Whitepaper: The State of Healthcare Application Development

DISYS Healthcare Application Development Helps Industry Leaders Raise Customer Satisfaction

Today’s over-worked, well-informed consumer demands a healthcare system willing to accommodate their busy schedules, providing them with useful information at the click of a button. With the convergence of medical apps available on the market, it has become blatantly clear: Consumers want to be more involved in their healthcare choices and demand the ability to not only access their records but be able to speak with their doctors in multiple forms and on a variety of platforms. Those standing out in the world of Healthcare IT, look to Healthcare Application Development to continually innovate.

There are now more than 100,0001 apps listed in the mHealth sections of major application platform operators, Apple and Android. These platforms, the leaders in the distribution of applications worldwide, cater to the connected elite and bear testament to the fact consumers want to take a more active role in their healthcare – both inside and outside the doctor’s office.

Seeing this as more than a trend, Apple and Android are constantly looking at ways to move beyond the fitness app, which is currently the largest group of mHealth apps (30 percent), and engage consumers on an extremely personal level – through applications accessing their medical data and keeping them connected to healthcare providers.

While consumers see this as a way to better manage their health and wellness, there are still concerns about healthcare costs, customer service, security, and privacy. Providers, on the other hand, while excited about the possibility of consumers becoming more engaged in their healthcare experience, are concerned the information overload will not allow them to give quality care during the office visit.

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