Webinar: Why 50% of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Deployments Fail

DISYS Explains the Path to Successful Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Deployment

Unlike the traditional desktop environment, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides companies with access to corporate resources from anywhere, anytime, and has a variety of benefits such as greater security, simplified management, scalability, and lower support costs.

With the promise and excitement of desktop virtualization, many organizations are rushing to pilot or implement a VDI-type solution. However, as with most IT challenges, the underlying IT architecture and implementation can add significant complexity.

The goal of this webinar is to help users—wherever they are in the project lifecycle, understand the challenges associated with VDI deployments as well as provide tips for overcoming them.
What you will learn:

• The evolution of VDI: where we’ve been and what’s driving it?
• VDI: Challenges, pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
• VDI: Defining your Success Criteria

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